Elementary School Staff

If you would like to email a staff member, the format is first.last@pilotrock.k12.or.us 

Name Position
Jessica Bailey 3rd Grade Teacher
Kayrene Beers Instructional Aide
Laura Byrnes 6th Grade Teacher
Christy Campbell Instructional Aide
Brianna Conlon 5th Grade Teacher
Helen Doherty Counselor
Heather Endersby Asst. Cook
Larilyn Gose Special Education Teacher
Gayle Hoeft Secretary
Michelle Hoeft Instructional Aide
Jeannie Jensen Title I Teacher
Marcy Jerome 2nd Grade Teacher
Sharon Mitchell Head Cook
Margaret Moffit Instructional Aide
Ellen Muth 1st Grade Teacher
Adam Otteson Head Custodian
Alexa Schock 4th Grade Teacher
Steve Staniak Principal
Jacob Try Music Teacher
Lea Van Houten Instructional Aide
Eli Wickert Custodian
Jamie Wiseman 6th Grade Teacher
Alexis Young Kindergarten Teacher