Counseling Office

Helen Doherty – School Social Worker
541-443-2671 (Helen.doherty@pilotrock)


Seniors who are thinking about attending BMCC and may be interested in student leadership positions; Ambassador and ASG applications will open mid-February! Now is a great time to start thinking if you want to apply!

The OSAC scholarship application is open! OSAC awards more than $17 million in scholarships annually and administers over 600 scholarship programs. 

If students apply by February 15th, their error-free application will be entered into a drawing for one of several $1000 Early Bird Scholarships.




  • Types of Financial Aid Available
    • Grants - Money you do not have to pay back
    • Loans - Money borrowed that must be paid back (with interest)
    • Work-Study - Money earned from work used to help pay for school
    • Scholarships - Available from many sources